What would *you* put on a harddrive going to Kenya?

written by rory, on Nov 27, 2009 9:38:00 AM.

When I was in Kenya in July 2008 with Camara teaching people how to use Ubuntu Linux, I brought a hard drive mirror of apt with me. Over in Africa bandwidth is slow and expensive, I was able to use this apt mirror to install new software easily over in Kenya. I gave a talk at OSSBarCamp about Using Free Culture in an Internet Free World.

I'm doing it again. A friend of mine in Kenya asked for a new harddrive. So what would you put on a harddrive going to Kenya?

I asked on the Ubuntu NGO mailing list, and got some great responses, from Ubuntu Screencasts, printer drivers, and wikipedia dumps. What else in the free culture world is there?

This post also appeared on the Ubuntu NGO Blog

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