osm2navit doesn't work with the latest OSM planet dump

written by rory, on Jul 13, 2009 9:34:00 PM.

In my quest for creating an offline atlas of the world that can given away for free, I've been trying to use navit, an open source satnav system. They have a very compact file format for OpenStreetMap files. I downloaded the latest OpenStreetMap planet dump, planet-090701.osm.bz2, (MD5 checksum: 9133f22e4d09b73f86e1f4d68539879d) and ran osm2navit on it. As soon as I started to run it, I got thousands and thousands of errors like this:
WARNING: unknown tag in   <changeset id="1696734" created_at="2009-07-01T00:10:10Z" closed_at="2009-07-01T00:10:14Z" open="false" min_lon="9.5064856" min_lat="52.7634646" max_lon="9.6230595" max_lat="52.8229376"  user="mfi" uid="58950">
WARNING: unknown tag in   </changeset>
However I let it run, and after about 2 hours, osm2navit crashed and I got the following error:
PROGRESS1: Processed 378663035 nodes (14343033 out) 29925604 ways 140057 relations 0 tiles
5 slices
flush_nodes 1
slice 1 of 5
reading -4294967297 bytes from coords.tmp at 4294967296
osm2navit: osm2navit.c:1642: load_buffer: Assertion `b->base != ((void *)0)' failed.
And that's where I am now. I think it might be because OpenStreetMap have moved to a new file and API format, 0.6, and perhaps osm2navit hasn't been updated.

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